Top 10 most visited Cruise Ports according to the users of the Visited Travel App

Find out which Cruise ports made the Top 10 Most Visited List. Users can also see what percentage of all the ports/cities they have seen with the travel app, Visited.

Top 10 most visited Cruise Ports

Get inspired by the Visited App’s Top 10 Most Visited Cruise Ports published by Arriving In High Heels, the company behind Visited. Visited is a travel app, that started off with a simple idea of mapping out where travelers have been to and where they want to go in the future. It later expended to provide users with personal travel stats on how many countries they have seen, how many cities they have visited and what percentage of the world that they want to see they covered.

Today, the app also allows users to check off destinations, countries, cities and experiences that they have been to. The travel app also helps discover new destinations by allowing users to swipe between different travel sights that they can then add to their bucket-list. 

Top 10 Most Visited Cruise Ports

Our global trotting users have selected the following cruise ports the greatest number of times: 

  1. Barcelona, Spain 
  2. Venice, Italy
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands 
  4. Miami, United States 
  5. New York, United States 
  6. Lisbon, Portugal 
  7. Cozumel, Mexico 
  8. Copenhagen, Denmark 
  9. Stockholm, Sweden 
  10. Helsinki, Finland 

To see the full list of ports and what percentage you have visited, download Visited for free on iOS or Android .

About Arriving In High Heels Corporation

Arriving In High Heels Corporation is a mobile app company; Visited is their most popular app. For inspiration on travel destinations, travel stats and the latest travel news, follow Visited on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest. Other apps include Pay Off Debt and X-Walk


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